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Photo collage from our Ladies First - We're All Immigrants Video, produced and performed in 2016.

providing perfomance, education and professional opportunities to immigrant women

paracademia is a new music and collaboraitve arts center

Photo by Kyra Mo, from Make Music Harlem 2017. Cellist Polina Bakhtina

  •  Academia (Ancient Greek: Ἀκαδημία), originally a public garden or grove in the suburbs of Athens, was founded by Plato (428/427 BC – 348/347 BC) in ca. 387 BC in Athens. Academia was not a school or college in the modern sense but rather an informal association of people, who were interested in studying with Plato as their guide. Festivals were held there, as were athletic events in which runners would races between the altars, and funeral games also took place at Academia.
  • Paracademia (pronounced parakademya) was founded in 2015 in Harlem, NY by the a composer, educator and performance artist and  Juilliard faculty Milica Paranosic. Paracademia is not a school or college in the traditional sense but rather an informal association of people interested in fostering artistic growth and sharing under Paranosic’s mentorship. Festivals, workshops, social events and concerts regularly take place at Paracademia.
  • The “para-" comes straight from the Greek - a prefix with many meanings, including: alongside of, beside, near, resembling, beyond and apart from. It is also the first part of our founder’s Milica Paranosic last name.


Our Founder

 When she was 4 years old, our founder Milica Paranosic discovered interdisciplinary creation and performance, in Belgrade, then Yugoslavia. 

She immigrated to New York in 1995 to begin a life as an interdisciplinary artist, composer, producer and educator.

Today, she embraces the opportunity to provide the tools she learned to be useful in enjoying a life as a successful, fulfilled artist and citizen.

For more information, visit Milica's website


Our Mission

 As children, we all create art. We sing and dance together, we build sand castles, we make up stories and draw landscapes on the walls of our rooms. Then somehow, life teaches us to become ‘serious’, get a ‘real’ profession and stop ‘plying around’ and the links to our inner artists brake. 

At Paracademia, we keep those links alive and awake them if they fall asleep. 

Paracademia is committed to nurturing and revitalizing our artistic predispositions through the community efforts and collaborative productions, performances and education.

We particularly support immigrants, women and youth, by providing education, performance and professional opportunities.


Ladies First

Women Supporting Women Through Arts

Add A Movie Film Festival

We foster Composers/Filmmakers Collaborations through original compositions to contemporary independent movies and visual media collaborative arts music performance

The Other Graduation

An Out-Of-Box approach to Carrers in Music 


Performance Meets Fashion Meet Technology

Make Music Harlem

Summer Solsctice Harlem Block Party

We Believe You!

Our new program dedicated to preventing, protecting and healing the victims of sexual abuse in classical music community. Spearheaded by our board member, a sexual abuse survivor Lara St. John.

Read the Review of our inaugural event in the Philadelphia Inquirer,  

Our Promo Video from Ladies First 2016

Before it was a national movement, it was our program!

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.

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Are you an artist or and an art advocate? Are you an immigrant, a woman, a young professional in need of guidence or a perfomance opportunty? Contact us  - We're here to help! music performance collaborative arts

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We are offering classes, lessons and workshops. Contact us with a specifit need, or sign up for our mailing list to always stay in the loop.


We are always looking to grow and extend our reach. Many opportunities are available, including board members, curators, interns, volunteers and visiting faculty. Contact us  to find out more.

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Paracademia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

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